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The new Alexa app created by Webranking




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Webranking’s MarTech department created Web Analytics, with the objective of being able to ask Alexa about your website’s KPIs and metrics thanks to its configuration with Google Analytics services.

Alexa, ask Web Analytics to compare April's sessions to those of the previous month

Alexa, ask Web Analytics the number of new users year over year

Alexa, ask Web Analytics the average session length for May

Alexa, ask Web Analytics how my site is doing


Webranking released a skill—available free of charge on the official Alexa store—that allows you to interact with Google Analytics using your voice to ask about numerous different analytical metrics for your site. Saying, “Alexa, ask Web Analytics how my site is doing,” will generate a customized performance review.
This application, the first of its kind in Italy, allows users to ask Alexa how many visitors or how many sales the site has had in a given period of time or to compare metrics with those from previous time periods.
The application was created entirely by Webranking’s MarTech department, which explores and studies emerging technologies every day, opening up new business opportunities for the agency’s customers. The skill was developed in Python and was made possible thanks to a successful marriage of expertise in analysis, programming and data science.