Webranking closes 2022 at +25% , with over 35 new hires: a welfare plan and a bonus to offset increased energy prices for all employees is already in place

The digital consulting agency continues to invest in people, with 35 new hires in the course of the year and a bonus payment to offset increased energy prices.

In 2022, Webranking would up its twenty-fifth balance sheet with a turnover exceeding 40 million euros, an increase of 25% over 2021, a year in which the digital consulting agency had already registered a growth of 45%. This success, says the company of which Nereo Sciutto is CEO and Co-Founder in a statement, has been shared with all employees (now numbering 210, thanks to 35 new hires in the course of the year) who have, in fact, received an extraordinary bonus to help them cope with energy price increases and inflation.

Given its continued growth in terms of size, Webranking has decided to reorganise internally into three divisions, covering its main areas of operation: a Media Agency, focused on planning & buying following the traditional model of international advertising agencies; a Consultancy Agency, which will handle the UX/UI, SEO and Digital Analytics services most typical of the business consulting world; and, lastly, Martech, which will deal with cloud activities and data management.

Whilst remaining independent, Webranking is today one of the largest agencies active in Italy. Its size ranks it amongst the major players also in terms of its Media Division, which exceeded 100 million euros, with a forecast for 2023 of +50%, and for the size and turnover of the Consulting Division, where it ranks as top of mind for international SEO and Digital Analytics consulting in Google and Adobe environments, where it manages some of the largest businesses in the country.

The impressive results of recent years have been achieved thanks to the agency’s long-standing policy of investing in people, with especial focus on developing employees’ skills and work-life balance. In 2022, Webranking won a Great Place to Work prize for being one of the best workplaces in Europe and received important mentions as best in class in Italy for its policies towards women, millennials and for the themes of equity, diversity & inclusion. The agency’s organisational model is recognised as a point of reference in Italy: indeed, it began long ago offering the possibility of working from home or from the office, with no limitations, and it provides employees with a series of services and welfare initiatives, from support for families to health prevention, and sustainable mobility.

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