Webranking presents a new guide on the future of data analysis, Digital Analytics Revolution

The Webranking Observatory has produced Digital Analytics Revolution, an insightful manual entirely dedicated to analysing the revolution taking place in the world of digital analytics in recent months.

The divestment of Universal Analytics Free, scheduled for 2023 – the date slips to 2024 in the case of GA360 – together with interventions by the supervisory authorities regarding the transfer of data outside the EU, have obliged companies to do some serious thinking, both about data and the tools used to collect it.

For this reason, Digital Analytics Revolution includes not only an introduction, signed by UPA, and several articles with scenario analysis, but also an in-depth analysis of the tools presently on the market and the options available to companies. The handbook winds up with an analysis by Nereo Sciutto, CEO of Webranking, inviting companies to reflect on the possible consequences for business of a hasty choice.

“Given the speed with which the digital scenario is evolving,” comments Nereo Sciutto in the guide, “companies are concentrating mainly on the regulatory problem – which follows a calendar and involves deadlines – and giving less attention to the medium-term effects on economic results, the entity of which they may only partially appreciate. Today, the effects of a shutdown of Analytics data collection or a decision to change platform, without proper evaluation of the pros and cons, may adversely affect a company’s capacity for optimum operation. For this reason, I hope that the analysis and research work of this paper will encourage discussion around the board tables of stakeholders and help bring about greater awareness and more effective decision-making.”

You can download the Digital Analytics Revolution guide, available in both Italian and English, here.

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