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Data-driven content

Your website is the cornerstone of your online marketing operations, the point of reference both for your partners and for your current and prospective customers. Keeping it up to date with quality content yields tangible benefits: It improves your SEO positioning, offers inspiration and landing pages for your social strategy, and is the starting point for your email marketing operations.

Designing an editorial content section

Content must exist within an editorial content hub that delivers value to users, encouraging them to further explore your content. In addition to identifying strategic topics for your editorial plan with the support of SEO, we work together with the UX team to give your content a solid
structure, so as to give audiences an enjoyable navigation experience.

SEO-oriented content, knowledge of the target, User
Experience: We believe this is the formula for creating a successful blog.

Information architecture to facilitate navigation

SEO-oriented content, for active presence on search engines

We pay special attention to lead harvesting and e-commerce

Continuity when managing channels is one of the most important aspects of any content strategy

A plan that is not only strategic, but incisive

Our approach to content is based on its relevance to user needs, so as to build a relationship of trust with the reader. Finally, we adapt everything with a view to SEO, social media and newsletters, for the greatest coverage of all the touchpoints that bring in traffic.


A few of our completed projects

The new Group identity

Rethink the brand image to communicate its values

The journey of digital transformation

Giunti Scuola’s digital transformation by bringing all their content onto one hub

Dynamic Creatives Strategy

The success case first prize at the NC Awards 2020

Creatività Drive to Event

Digital as a way to bring people to the Hong Kong event


Shaping Bold Experiences

Born of a solid foundation of technical thinking, Daimon transforms data into creativity and combines imagination with technical expertise. A new type of creative agency focused on dynamic formats and on creatives that are ideally suited for social media platforms.