Inside TikTok Communities: here’s why you can’t do without them

TikTok is a place dedicated to self-expression and authenticity. It is no coincidence that this social network has room for the interests of all the users and communities that make it up. This phenomenon has made it possible for brands of all kinds to find their target audience or niche on the platform.
Let’s take a look at them together.
TikTok, also nicknamed clock app because of its onomatopoeic name, is used to create video content and enable users to talk to each other about shared interests. This behaviour, amplified by the natural need for belonging that we all feel, according to Maslow’s theory, has led to the creation of countless communities, each united by a specific interest.
Precisely for this reason, since its launch in 2018, TikTok has established itself in a short time as a leading entertainment and trend-setter platform, influencing our shopping habits, content use and musical tastes.
Everything revolves around clusters made up of members of all kinds, ages and backgrounds: it is precisely these groups that the trends that impact our daily lives depend on and arise from.

TikTok’s subcultures: each to his own

From a passion for crystals, crochet or perfume, to one for grooming or ecology: on the platform, there is space for every kind of community, even the most bizarre. Here are some of the most interesting:

  • #FashionTok is one of the most popular and stands out for its huge following: 40% of TikTok users say they are passionate about fashion and involved with content such as tips about outfits, looks and online shopping.
  • #BeautyTok is one of the most followed hashtags and has about 12.5 billion views. The beauty community deals with products for skincare, pharma beauty and make-up, with which it creates tutorials in perfect demotainment style.
  • #RunTok is followed by running enthusiasts of all kinds (pacers, trail runners, etc.) who share personal goals and tips on how to improve performance and endurance, approach the discipline for the first time and choose shoes and clothing based on the goal to be achieved.
  • #MomsOfTikTok is followed by moms from around the world, who share useful information about bringing up kids. This is one of the richest communities in terms of ideas offered and variety of topics covered, including: pharma beauty, baby furniture, food, clothes, household hygiene products, etc.
  • #TileTok brings together fans of interior design and ceramics. The users who make it up create tile laying tutorials, DIY activities and videos in which they show the various phases of a project up to the final result.

The common feature of these and other communities is the fact that each has its own language, but at the same time they can contaminate each other in a sort of crossover of interests, influenced by the transversal passions of the individual users who are part of it. For example, the romantic imagination of #CottageCore, which praises a lifestyle closer to nature, can become a suggestion for seemingly distant communities like #FashionTok.

A meeting point: one-on-one with the target

As you can see, the wide variety of communities is a great opportunity for brands and small businesses, which can be part of conversations already started by niches of users. Whatever the brand’s industry and target audience, TikTok is the right place to talk about it.
Why invest in TikTok?

TikTok offers additional benefits not found elsewhere: unlike other social networks, it mainly bases its approach on psychographic data, i.e. the habits, interests and personality of the individual.
According to TikTok Audience Understanding Research from 2021, to reach the desired target, effective strategies should be defined starting from the consumer’s mentality and affiliation to a community, not from demographic data, which provide information that is generic and attributable to all kinds of people.
TikTok shows us that user interests can be cross-generational as they can unite users from different age groups. It is precisely this consideration that allows brands to more easily identify the target in line with their values and objectives and reach an even wider and more receptive audience.
Despite its demonstrated potential, TikTok remains an almost unexplored tool in Italy. The lack of trust in the channel is due to a lack of knowledge about social media and the false myth that its audience is composed only of Millennials and Gen Z.
The data about the platform, however, tell a different tale.

Figures available

As anticipated, as well as increasing its user numbers, TikTok is gradually conquering an increasingly mature audience.
In 2022, the monthly active users of TikTok Italia were 14.8 million (+ 8.82% compared to 2021), aged between 13 and 55 years: here is a more precise overview.

The Italian data, like that of other countries, speak clearly: the TikTok phenomenon is expanding exponentially and also includes late Millennials, Generation X and Boomers

TikTok, the place to be

Once you have identified your audience, what benefits does the platform offer to brands? A TikTok for Business report summarises the main ones.

  • 60% of users say that browsing TikTok makes them feel positive.

TikTok is an authentic social media platform where communication is less sweetened and artificial. This genuine approach allows brands to show their human side and speak directly to the public, just like a pair of friends. The feeling of contentment generated in users positively impacts the perception of the brand and is closely related to the ability of brands to adopt channel logic, understand trends and come across as authentic.

  • 67% of users believe that the platform has been useful for getting to know new brands and products

TikTok and its machine learning algorithm increase brand visibility and influence our buying behaviour, as evidenced by the #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt phenomenon. In fact, the app offers the public videos about things that interest them, thus generating organic involvement around products, accessories and services.

Among the sectors that benefit most from #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt are: clothing, gaming, beauty & personal care, sports equipment, and also gifts and furniture.

  • The pleasure of creating content

For many users, it’s not enough to passively use the app. They want to star in videos they can share with friends and members of their community. This is confirmed by a recent survey showing that 83% of TikTok users tend to respond to the challenges launched by brands, compared to an average of only 59% for other channels.

So what about it, are you ready to get started?

This article was written by Elisa Rossetti, Jr Content Specialist.


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